During various seasons of life, support is needed for a myriad of reasons as we all journey through times of goodness, as well as times of sorrow. Some individuals need extra support during times of transitions, some during periods of grief and loss, others in the midst of self discovery or during relational difficulties.  If you or your child are experiencing such a season, I hope you will follow that internal tug telling you to seek someone to walk beside you during such a time.

I am a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC), working in Seattle, Washington with individuals as well as children and adolescents. It is a career that I am deeply grateful for. It is no small thing to walk with others in their times of deepest grief, need and desire for something greater. It takes great courage to begin the journey of seeking care and presence in a time of need. I hope this site helps answer a few of your questions. I’d love to hear from you and answer any more that you might have.

I believe that healing and growth occurs best in the midst of community. As such, I am a member of a community of mental health professionals in Queen Anne, as well as an affiliate of a community in North Seattle. I also work with an organization called The River Beneath, which works primarily with the Refugee and Immigrant population in Seattle. Further information on these organizations can be found below.

The Counseling Collaborative

The River Beneath

Northwest Family Life


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